What Are The Examples Of Indirect Speech?

What are the examples of direct and indirect speech?

For example:Direct speech: “Where do they live?”Indirect speech: You asked me where they lived.Direct speech: “When are you leaving?”Indirect speech: He asked us when we were leaving.Direct speech: “How will they get here?”Indirect speech: She asked me how they would get here..

How do you start an indirect question?

You should notice two things about the indirect question: First, it begins with the phrase “Can you tell me…?” Second, the rest of the question — where MacDougal Street is — does not use the verb-subject word order of a normal question. It uses the word order of a statement and it is a noun clause.

What begins an indirect statement?

Formation: In English indirect statements are introduced by a subordinating conjunction that, which has no equivalent in classical Latin. Instead, a subject accusative + infinitive is used.

What are the two types of reported speech?

There are two main types of reported speech: direct speech and indirect speech. Direct speech repeats the exact words the person used, or how we remember their words: … In indirect speech, the original speaker’s words are changed.

What is a direct speech and examples?

Direct speech is a sentence in which the exact words spoken are reproduced in speech marks (also known as quotation marks or inverted commas). For example: “You’ll never guess what I’ve just seen!” said Sam, excitedly. “What’s that?” asked Louise.

What reported speech examples?

TenseDirect SpeechReported Speechwould*I would help, but..”She said (that) she would help but…canI can speak perfect EnglishShe said (that) she could speak perfect English.could*I could swim when I was fourShe said (that) she could swim when she was four.shallI shall come laterShe said (that) she would come later.10 more rows

How do you convert direct speech to indirect speech?

Rules for conversion of Indirect Speech to Direct SpeechUse the reporting verb, “say” or “said to” in its correct tense.Remove the conjuctions “that, to, if or whether etc”. … Insert quotation marks, question mark, exclamation and fullstop, wherever necessary.Put a comma before the statement.More items…

What is an indirect question examples?

Indirect questions are a little more formal and polite. We use them when talking to a person we don’t know very well, or in professional situations, and their form is a little different. Example of an indirect question: “Could you tell me where the bathroom is?”

What is an indirect answer?

An indirect answer is the result of the responder providing only part of the planned response, but intending for his discourse plan to be recognized by the questioner. Discourse plan construction and recognition make use of shared knowledge of discourse strategies, represented in the model by discourse plan operators.

What are the types of reported speech and examples?

2- TensesModalDirect speechReported speechcan”I can do it.”He said he could do it.may”May I go out?”He wanted to know if he might go out.must”She must apply for the job.”He said that she must/had to apply for the job.will”They will call you.”He told her that they would call her.