Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Tact?

What is the antonym of imperil?

What is the opposite of imperil?protectguarddesignplanabstaindisbelieveneglecthideindemnifyyield33 more rows.

What is a pure tact?

A Pure tact is completely under the control of generalized reinforcement, Sd control. The form is determined solely by the environment. An impure tact is a tact that is under the control of multiple or other sources.

What is the opposite of tactful?

Opposite of able to deal with people in a sensitive manner. gauche. tactless. indiscreet.

What is a tactful person?

If you are tactful, you have a knack for saying the right thing at the right time. A tactful person is appropriate and sensitive, never rude or careless.

What is an example of tact?

Tact is the act of using gentle language and behaving in a sensitive manner when dealing with potentially controversial issues. An example of tact is when you gently and politely correct someone’s error without embarrassing or angering the person or drawing attention to the error.

What is another word for imperil?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for imperil, like: endanger, jeopardize, expose, hazard, risk, compromise, save, guard, protect, menace and peril.

Is being tactful a good thing?

It allows you to preserve existing relationships and build new ones. A tactful approach shows character , maturity, professionalism , and integrity . Tact also demonstrates good manners . If you can communicate with grace and consideration, you’ll stand out from the crowd and you’ll get noticed for the right reasons.

What is another word for tracking?

What is another word for tracking?chasepursuingchasingpursuithoundingdoggingtaggingshadowingfollowingtracing13 more rows

What is the difference between tack and tact?

The verb tack means to attach, add, or change course. As a noun, tack refers to a small nail, the direction of a ship, or a course of action. The noun tact means diplomacy or skill in dealing with others.

What is the opposite of Imperial?

What is an antonym for imperial. Imperial means kingly or regal, thus antonyms could be peasant, normal, servile, subserviant.

What is an echoic?

The Echoic is a form of verbal behavior where the speaker repeats the same sound or word that was said by another person, like an echo. … When they imitate vocally, we call this echoic behavior. In typically developing infants and children vocal imitation skills emerge early in development and occur naturally.

What is the definition for tact?

noun. a keen sense of what to say or do to avoid giving offense; skill in dealing with difficult or delicate situations. a keen sense of what is appropriate, tasteful, or aesthetically pleasing; taste; discrimination. touch or the sense of touch.

What is another word for tack?

In this page you can discover 81 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for tack, like: thumbtack, glazier point, push pin, carpet tack, copper tack, tangent, deviation, digression, variation, alteration and sweep.

What does it mean to lack tact?

It means that this person does not know how to behave or act according to certain situations. For example it would not be nice if a person would be talking negatively about old people in front of a grandmother. This person would lack tact in this situation.

What is another word for Stout?

SYNONYMS FOR stout 1 big, rotund, stocky, portly, fleshy. 2 valiant, gallant, intrepid, fearless, indomitable, courageous, stouthearted. 3 obstinate, indomitable, steadfast, stanch, unwavering.

What does tact mean in the medical field?

Tuned aperature computed tomographyTuned aperature computed tomography Imaging A technology used to study ambiguous breast images, display 2-D images in 3-D and ↓ false negative mammograms. See Mammography.

What does imperil mean?

transitive verb. : to bring into peril : endanger. Other Words from imperil Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More about imperil.

How can I stop being tactless?

Useful Tips for Tactless PeopleThink before you speak.Find your inner filter, and don’t let anything get through it that isn’t positive or at least constructive. … Praise in public, reprimand/criticize in private.When you have to criticize, keep it private and on a “need to know” basis. … Be kind, and stay classy.

What is tact and diplomacy?

Tact and diplomacy are methods used to aid effective communication, especially during negotiation and when attempting to be persuasive or assertive. … Tact and diplomacy are skills centred around an understanding of other people and being sensitive to their opinions, beliefs, ideas and feelings.

Is being diplomatic a bad thing?

It’s good to be diplomatic when the person is open minded. … A person is diplomatic if he/she can deal with sensitive matter or people. It can be both good or bad. But for the person who is diplomatic, it is always good.