Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Stalled?

What is the opposite of stall?

Antonyms for stall adversary, enemy, opponent..

What is the synonym of stalled?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for stalled. arrested, ended, halted, stopped.

What is the meaning of stalled?

delay taking actionto delay taking action or avoid giving an answer in order to have more time to make a decision or get an advantage: … If you stall a person, you delay them or prevent them from doing something for a period of time: I managed to stall him for a few days until I’d got enough money to pay back the loan.

What is it called when you stall for time?

other words for stall for time balk. delay. equivocate. hedge.

How do you use stalled in a sentence?

Stalled sentence examplesShe started the vehicle, stalled it, and finally stuffed it in gear. … The actress left after her contract negotiations stalled. … postpartum hemorrhage, obstructed labor, stalled labor and cesarean section. … co-op store clock had stalled at noon many many moons ago.More items…

What does stall mean in slang?

votes. To stall someone off is a common english idiom. It means to delay someone from doing something. You stall a person to give a different person more time to accomplish something. Often the word “off” is left out: stall him!