Quick Answer: What Does Nearly Impossible Mean?

What is the meaning of next to impossible?

Of such difficulty as to be or seem almost impossible.

Often hyphenated.

The promises of the candidate during her presidential campaign are near to impossible to achieve, but they have garnered a huge following of dedicated supporters..

What is the meaning of you are impossible?

1 incapable of being done, undertaken, or experienced. 2 incapable of occurring or happening. 3 absurd or inconceivable; unreasonable. it’s impossible to think of him as a bishop. 4 Informal intolerable; outrageous.

How do you say impossible politely?

Here are 10 ways for you to say ‘NO’ in a polite manner:I’m honoured but I can’t..I wish there were two of me.Sorry, I’m booked into something else right now.Sadly, I have something else.No, thank you but it sounds lovely, so next time.I’m not taking anything else right now.More items…•

Is near impossible correct?

Both are true but according to corpus information “near impossible” is less frequent than “nearly impossible”. So it is better to use “nearly impossible”.

What does it mean when someone says anything is possible?

The idiomatic saying is “anything is possible”. It means we cannot predict with any degree of certainty what will happen. … It is not the typical everyday saying.

What do you call something that is impossible?

unattainable might be the word you’re looking for. unattainable (adjective) Pronunciation: /ʌnəˈteɪnəb(ə)l/ not able to be reached or achieved: an unattainable goal. You would end up with a phrase like this: A ten-percent growth rate is unattainable: it is certainly possible on paper, but very difficult to accomplish.

What does virtually impossible mean?

The first records of the word virtually come from around 1400. … The word effectively can be used as a synonym of virtually in the same way as practically. Saying that something is virtually impossible means that in effect and for all practical purposes, it can’t be done, though it may technically be possible.

What is the English meaning of impossible?

impossible adjective (NOT POSSIBLE) [ not gradable ] unable to exist, happen, or be achieved; not possible: an impossible goal. [ + to infinitive ] It’s almost impossible to get them to agree on anything.

What does it mean when someone says you’re unbelievable?

(ʌnbɪlivəbəl ) 1. adjective. If you say that something is unbelievable, you are emphasizing that it is very good, impressive, intense, or extreme.