Quick Answer: How Big Is The Orpheum Theater?

Are balcony seats good for Hamilton?

Balcony Seating Rows A and B offer the best views, although even here patrons may need to lean forward to gain a full viewpoint of the stage.

The center portions of C through F are also acceptable.

Purchasers of Hamilton tickets for anything past G run the risk of having their view blocked further by support poles..

Are balcony seats worth it?

Overall, I’d say yes, balcony seats are worth it. … Again in general, the first four or five rows of the balcony are usually as good or better than rear orchestra seats. In some situations, like dance-heavy shows, almost all of the mezzanine is better than the front of the orchestra.

Does the Orpheum Theater have a bar?

Orpheum Theatre serves basic concession items such as Pepsi products, popcorn and candy. A full service bar is open at most events. Pizza is served by the slice on movie nights.

Where are the best seats to watch Hamilton?

Amongst all the three sections, the orchestra has some of the best seats in the theatre. The middle seats (105-109) in the middle of rows (B to H) offer a great, direct look at the stage without any obstructions. For people who would rather not be that close to the stage, there are the elevated front mezzanine seats.

Can you wear jeans to Hamilton?

Definitely not. However, it’s nice to keep the tradition alive and make a small effort. Dark jeans or pants with a button down shirt, camisole, or sundress/cocktail dress would probably be the most appropriate attire.

Can you bring water into the Orpheum Theater?

– Guests under 21 years of age are not permitted in the main bar area. – No outside food or beverage. – No flasks OR drug paraphernalia, confiscated items will not be returned. – Age 21 and up: No outside alcohol permitted, drinks will be confiscated or poured out before entrance.

Where is the best place to sit in a theater?

For a standard movie theater with exit rows on the sides (as opposed to down the middle, as some older theaters have), the best spot is as close to dead center as you can get. “I’ve always felt the obvious best spot to sit in a movie theater is in the center of the room, center with the screen.

Where are the best seats in an orchestra?

The best seats in most concert halls for both acoustics and sight lines are in a section of the hall often called the “Dress Circle.” This is typically the first section at the front of the balcony.

How many does the Orpheum theater seating?

2,203 guestsThe theatre seats 2,203 guests, so you want to make sure you know where the best and worst seats are, what seats are obstructed, what the row and seat breakdowns are, and what people have said about the theatre.

Why are so many theaters named Orpheum?

Due to its railroad connections and thriving economy, Kansas City, Missouri was chosen as their next location. The pair leased the Ninth Street Theatre and renamed it the Orpheum.

Is it better to sit in the balcony or orchestra?

The mezzanine is different than the balcony-it is lower and closer to the stage (and front mezzanine seats are generally the same price as orchestra seats, while balcony seats are usually the least expensive). … If so, the balcony will be higher and farther away.

What does Orpheum mean?

house of OrpheusThe word “Orpheum” means “house of Orpheus” or “place of Orpheus.” “Many of the Orpheum Theatres were originally associated with the Keith Albee Orpheum vaudeville circuit, or, later, the Radio Keith Orpheum (also known as RKO, creators of King Kong and other classic films) company.

Are front orchestra seats good?

The word “balcony” has a certain nose-bleed connotation, and ticket buyers are less spooked by the word “mezzanine.” Front mezzanine seats are usually as good as orchestra seats, sometimes better, depending on the show. For a show with a visual sweep or intricate choreography, you might be better off in the mezzanine.

Does the Orpheum Theater have a dress code?

Guests must not interfere with the event or performers in any way. Guests are asked not smoke anywhere inside the Orpheum Theatre at any time. Guests are asked to wear a shirt, shoes and lower garments at all times, but the venue has no strict dress code.

How old is the Orpheum Theater?

The Orpheum Theatre at 842 S. Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles opened on February 15, 1926, as the fourth and final Los Angeles venue for the Orpheum vaudeville circuit. After a $3 million renovation, started in 1989, it is the most restored of the historical movie palaces in the city.

Is orchestra seating the best?

Music Box Theatre Orchestra The seats in the centre are known to be the most ideal in the house, with rows E to L offering the best view of the stage. Though most seats in the left and right sections offer a good view of the stage, seats on the far left and far right offer a partially obstructed view of the stage.