Quick Answer: Does 2pac Have A Star On The Walk Of Fame?

Does 2pac have a star?

Tupac Shakur has impacted hip-hop in countless ways and his reign is still far from over.

He made history this week when he became the fourth rapper to ever receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame..

Does Howard Stern have a star on the Walk of Fame?

Happy To See That Howard Stern Finally Got a Star On The Hollywood Walk of Fame.

How much does it cost to get a star on the Walk of Fame?

And the price of fame, it turns out, is $30,000. The actual star, made of Terrazzo marble, costs $3,000, according to Martinez. The other costs go to breaking up the sidewalk, maintaining the Walk of Fame and producing the star ceremony.

What rappers have a star on the Walk of Fame?

At 50 Cent Walk of Fame Ceremony, Eminem Jokes ‘It’s Much More Fun to Be His Friend Than His Enemy’Queen Latifah. … Sean Diddy Combs. … Pharell Williams. … LL Cool J. … Pitbull. … Ice Cube. … Snoop Dogg. … Cypress Hill.More items…•

Where is Robert Downey Jr star on the Walk of Fame?

Rush? It’s the time of year when the Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce announces which celebs have paid for… um… been awarded a star on the legendary Walk Of Fame that stretches from outside the Mann’s Chinese Theater, down Hollywood Blvd and takes a right turn onto Vine St (trust us, our Man In LA researched it).

Where is Tupac’s star on the Walk of Fame?

Tupac currently does not have a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame.