Quick Answer: Did You Manage Or Managed?

Can past ability examples?

We usually use could or couldn’t to talk about general abilities in the past.

She could paint before she started school.

I couldn’t cook until I went to university.

When I lived next to the pool, I could go swimming every day..

Did you manage meaning?

manage verb (SUCCEED) to succeed in doing or dealing with something, especially something difficult: [ + to infinitive ] Did you manage to get any bread? I only just managed to finish on time. A small dog had somehow managed to survive the fire.

Could manage meaning?

convention. You say ‘I can manage’ or ‘I’ll manage’ as a way of refusing someone’s offer of help and insisting on doing something by yourself. I know you mean well, but I can manage by myself.

What is the phrasal verb of managed?

Phrasal verb for managed is – Dealt with.

Can vs manage to?

‘could’ You use could for general ability, but if you want to say somebody did something in a specific situation, you use was/were able to, or managed to (not could). I looked very carefully and I could/ managed to see somebody in the distance.

How do you spell managed?

Correct spelling for the English word “Managed” is [mˈanɪd͡ʒd], [mˈanɪd‍ʒd], [m_ˈa_n_ɪ_dʒ_d] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Can you manage to do something?

[transitive, intransitive] to succeed in doing something, especially something difficult manage something In spite of his disappointment, he managed a weak smile. I don’t know exactly how we’ll manage it, but we will, somehow. manage (to do something) We managed to get to the airport in time.

How do you use managed to?

When we are talking about a specific situation or when noting a specific achievement, we must use “was (or) were able to” or “managed to.” Their meanings are very close. We do not use “could.” Listen to some examples: We were able to get a really good price on the car.

Do you manage or did you manage?

“Do” is what we called “the dummy operator” along with did, does, etc. It’s a part of auxiliaries. When we introduce a sentence but we don’t have any auxiliary for it we would then use dummy operator to do the task. … If it is just a sentence without question would be : you did manage the floor problem.

Has managed or have managed?

I have managed. You/We/They have managed. He/She/It has been managing. I have been managing.

What does the word manage mean?

to take charge or care of: to manage my investments. to dominate or influence (a person) by tact, flattery, or artifice: He manages the child with exemplary skill. to handle, direct, govern, or control in action or use: She managed the boat efficiently.

How do you manage something?

intransitive/transitive to succeed in doing something, especially something that needs a lot of effort or skill. … intransitive to deal successfully with a problem or difficult situation. … transitive to organize and control the work of a company, organization, or group of people.More items…