Quick Answer: Can A Lay Person Bless Someone?

What is the role of a lay person in the church?

The ministry of the laity is “to represent Christ and his Church; to bear witness to him wherever they may be; and, according to the gifts given them, to carry on Christ’s work of reconciliation in the world; and to take their place in the life, worship, and governance of the Church”..

Who can bless things?

Some blessings are reserved to the Pope, some to bishops and some to parish priests. The first class includes the right to bless the pallium for archbishops, Agnus Deis, the Golden Rose, the Royal Sword and persons to whose blessing an indulgence is attached.

Is it appropriate to say God bless you to a priest?

Yes, in our tradition you really are not supposed to bless a priest. It is like you are saying you are somehow above him in authority.

Is drinking holy water a sin?

Is it a sin to drink holy water? Not at all – the Orthodox actually encourage it, especially around the time of Theophany (Feast of the Baptism of Jesus).

Can a priest bless a Bible?

There probably isn’t a blessing specifically for a Bible, but a Bible can be blessed. My FSSP priest blessed my Bibles and Missals with the “generic” rite for the blessing of creatures (i.e. created things, “Bless these creature books”, according to the 1962 rite of course).

How do I bless my house?

How to bless your home.Set the tone by playing calming music, and ask everyone to stand in a circle.Welcome and thank your friends and family for being a part of this special occasion.Light a pink candle (pink brings the energy of love and kindness) and pass it to each new person, who then shares a blessing.More items…•

Can a lay person bless with the sign of the cross?

The answer is: NO. Laypeople are NOT priests! You can bless yourself with holy water when you enter and leave a church, or if you have a holy water font in the rooms of your home. When my kids are sick, I dip my finger in holy water and make the sign of the cross on their foreheads anytime.

Can a layperson bless someone?

A lay person can bless people he has authority over, this would be those under him in authority in his family. A father can bless his child, but not vice versa. … Outside of the family, you cannot directly bless, because you lack authority.

Can a lay person bless water?

So, with all that in mind, unfortunately not just anyone can make holy water. A lay person can certainly follow the steps it takes to make holy water, but it’s agreed that water is only truly “holy” when it’s been blessed by an ordained member of the Church.

Can I bless my own rosary?

Many Christians pray the rosary out of devotion to their faith, to beseech the mother Mary or to seek blessing, forgiveness or peace. … However, you can bless your own rosary yourself with Holy water to bestow the beads with spiritual grace. Take your rosary with you to church.

How can I get an item blessed?

Call your local parish and ask the secretary what is the best route to take to get something blessed. Call your local parish or stop in at the Rectory and ask if you can see a priest. They will gladly bless them for you.

How do you bless someone?

100 Little Ways to Bless OthersGo visit them, talk with them, and just listen.Bake them a special treat.Take them grocery shopping.Read to them from the Bible or a favorite book.Sing or play music.Watch their favorite show with them.Ask them about the things they love to talk about.Bring them an animal to pet and cuddle.More items…•

Is holy water drinkable?

Austrian scientists find 86 percent of holy water contains fecal matter. A holy water font is shown in the baptism area of a church. Sept. 14, 2013— — Despite its purported cleansing properties, holy water could actually be more harmful than healing, according to a new Austrian study on “holy” springs.