Question: What Race Is Molag Bal?

Is Lamae Bal still alive?

She is actually deader then that in a sense as the peculiar thing is yes she is Undead due to being a Vampire but her tomb is infact in Coldharbour, so she may have been destroyed once but the truth of it is Vampires are immortal and still still live on within Oblivion..

Can you betray Molag Bal?

To betray Molag Bal, you just have to kill the priest before he goes back to the house, i.e. just after releasing him. The Mace will stay rotten and Molag Bal will have no way to take his revenge on Boethiah. You will not be his champion but will also miss the mace and thus the Oblivion Walker trophy.

Can you marry serana If you are a vampire?

Skyrim How to Marry Serana Guide. Skyrim doesn’t actually allow you to marry any vampires through regular in-game actions. The only way to marry Serana or any other vampire is through the use of a mod. … Make sure you’ve got the Dawnguard expansion installed, as you’ll need it for the mod to work.

What God do khajiit worship?

Alkosh. The Khajiiti variation of Akatosh, Alkosh is the principal deity in the Anaquinine religion, one of two distinct Khajiiti kingdoms. Alkosh is credited with defeating and repelling Pelinal Whitestrake from Elsweyr during a massive attack on the Khajiit.

Can you turn serana back into a vampire?

Not possible. Once she’s cured, that’s it. Only other option is to start a new game, if it’s that important to you that she stay a vampire.

Is Molag Bal evil?

Molag Bal is an evil Daedric Prince in the Elder Scrolls series whose sphere of influence is domination and enslavement of mortals. He serves as the main antagonist of The Elder Scrolls Online. While Mehrunes Dagon is a more active threat, Molag Bal is by far the more malevolent.

Was Molag Bal a human?

Like all the Daedric Princes, Molag Bal has no definite gender. Most often, however, he appears to his followers as male. Sigillah Parate mentions in her spiritual commentary that she belonged to a cult known as the “Witches of Molag Bal,” where Molag Bal often appeared to its members in the guise of a mortal female.

Why does Molag Bal hate Boethiah?

Their spheres are also naturally antagonistic: Bal is domination, mastery, overlordship (the sex parts are not relevant here), Boethiah is plotting, treason, and overthrow.

Who is the most evil Daedra?

Hey, I came across your post, “10 Of the Most Evil Daedric Princes, Ranked By Their Items’ Power”….1 NOCTURNAL – SKELETON KEY.2 MEPHALA – EBONY BLADE. … 3 MALACATH – VOLENDRUNG. … 4 MOLAG BAL – MACE OF MOLAG BAL. … 5 MEHRUNES DAGON – MEHRUNES’ RAZOR. … 6 NAMIRA – RING OF NAMIRA. … 7 BOETHIAH – EBONY MAIL. … 8 SANGUINE – SANGUINE ROSE. … More items…•

Can I kill Hermaeus Mora?

1 Answer. No, there is simply no way to finish the quest without killing Miraak. Furthermore, there is no way to kill Hermaeus Mora (in the base game/DLC, at least). … The mod allows you to cast Bend Will on Miraak and team up with him against Hermaeus Mora, as well as unlocks Miraak as a follower and marriage candidate.

Are the Daedra evil?

Daedra are really tricky, while all of them are not “evil” in the sense like when we think about Molag bal and Mehrunes dagon and boethiah, labeling them “good” isn’t the best way to describe them either like azura and meridia.

Is Mace of Molag Bal good?

The best Maces in Skyrim Molag Bal is only 1 damage lower than Dragonbone Mace but is much lighter, meaning a higher overall DPS – but this can be overcome with strong enchantments to the Dragonbone Mace. Same with Stalhrim, this time with the bonus enchantment damage making it a stronger choice overall.

Can you use the abandoned house in Markarth?

After completion of the first part of “The House of Horrors,” the house can be used as a free alternative home without ever completing the quest (leaving it open, or failing it intentionally). However, the Dragonborn cannot have a spouse live in this house, as it is technically unowned.

Who is stronger Aedra or Daedra?

The Daedra are more powerful, as Shazam_1 stated, in that they have greater ability to act because the Aedra gave up some of their power to create Mundus.

Why is he the last Dragonborn?

Because prophecy. The dragonborns prophecy states that the LAST dragon born will come to defeat Alduin. … Also Alduin wasn’t really dead since his soul was not absorbed. There is also no mention of why and how the player became a dragonborn.

Is Molag Bal a vampire?

Molag Bal created the first vampire. A deal with Lord Harkon and his family turned them into Vampire Lords. … The first vampire happened when old Bal invented rape. The experience killed the woman involved, and caused her to rise on her funeral pyre as the first pureblooded vampire.

How did Molag Bal create vampires?

One legend claims that Molag Bal created the first vampire when he raped a Nedic virgin named Lamae Beolfag, who in turn slaughtered a group of nomads. He has also made pacts with mortals and bestowed the power of vampirism upon them.

Can you kill Molag Bal?

Once he submits, the Dragonborn is instructed to kill him. Do so to receive the Mace of Molag Bal and finish the quest. “The Mace of Molag Bal! I give you its true power, mortal.