Question: What Are Opposing Ideas?

What is a counter argument example?

A child may argue for a dog.

The parents remind the child his sister is allergic to dogs.

The boy uses the counterargument that she has been around some dogs without any problems.

He is ready for each argument against the dog, perhaps stating there are breeds of dogs that are hypoallergenic..

How do you write a viewpoint?

How Viewpoint Works – 10 Ways To Tell A StoryFirst Person – The character tells the story, using the pronoun ‘I’.Second Person – The character tells the story using the pronoun ‘You’.Third Person – The narrator/author tells the story using the pronouns ‘He’ and ‘She’.

What does opposing viewpoint mean?

An opposing viewpoint is a viewpoint that’s the opposite of your own.

Is opposing viewpoints peer reviewed?

From the list of Controversial issues databases, Academic Search Complete is the place to look if you specifically want scholarly, peer-reviewed articles. The other databases such as Issues & Controversies and Opposing Viewpoints have lots of material on this subject, but it is not peer-reviewed.

Is Gale a credible source?

Gale gives us credible and reliable resources, with the added bonus of high functionality.

How do you write an opposing viewpoint?

First, present the opposing view. Next, present your own argument, clearly showing why you disagree with the opposing view. Finally, (perhaps most importantly) provide logical evidence that supports your rebuttal.

Is The Meaning Of despite?

1 : the feeling or attitude of despising someone or something : contempt. 2 : malice, spite. 3a : an act showing contempt or defiance. b : detriment, disadvantage I know of no government which stands to its obligations, even in its own despite, more solidly …— Sir Winston Churchill.

How do you give an opinion without saying I?

Informal English Phrases“In my opinion, + [your sentence]”“I believe that + [your sentence]”“In my mind, + [your sentence]”“It would seem that + [your sentence]”“It could be argued that + [your sentence]”“This suggests that + [your sentence]”“This proves that + [your sentence]”More items…

Is opposing viewpoint a database?

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center is a database that draws on acclaimed the social issues series published by Greenhaven Press as well as core reference content from other Gale(TM) and Macmillan Reference USA an other authoritative sources to provide a complete one-stop source for information on social issues.

What are the opposing views or arguments?

DEFINITION: An opposing argument (also called opposing claim, counter claim or rebuttal) is an argument that does not support your thesis statement. In fact, it directly contradicts it. Can prove why the opposing argument is not correct. HOW?: To address a counter claim: 1.

How do you find opposing viewpoints?

FAQ: Where can I access the Opposing Viewpoints database?From the library homepage, select the A-Z Database List under “Quick Links”Choose “O” from the alphabet near the top/middle of the page.Find Opposing Viewpoints In Context on the alphabetical list of databases available there.