How Do Children Feel When They Realize What They Did To Margot?

What was Margot’s biggest crime?

Margot’s “biggest crime” was that— A she had come to Venus only five years before and remembered the sun..

What is the point of view of the story all summer in a day?

“All Summer in a Day” is told by a third-person omniscient narrator. This all-revealing narrator gives insight into the thoughts and feelings of all the child characters.

Why dont Margot’s parents let her return to Earth?

Margot parents can’t return her to earth because they don’t have enough money. 4. The children know that the sun is coming out because the scientist told them. … The children lock Margot in the closet because they either doesn’t want her to see the sun or that they were only joking and forgot her there.

How do the children feel about Margot?

How did the other children feel about Margot? They hated her because of her pale face, her constant silence, her thinness and because she might get to move back to Earth next year. What are all of the children waiting for as they stand around the classroom window? They are waiting for the sun to come out.

Who is the antagonist in all summer in a day?

The Antagonist: William William is the main bully, the character who might be said to embody the feelings of the rest of the children and the one who goads them on.

What does Margot symbolize in all summer in a day?

In “All Summer in a Day,” Margot symbolizes those in society who are different and become outcasts because of their differences.

How do they feel when it starts to rain again?

How do they feel when it starts to rain again? They are depressed and crushed when the rain starts again. After the children see the sun, they “could not meet each other’s glances” when they think what they have done to Margot.

What is the problem in all summer in a day?

The central conflict of the story is that Margot does not fit in with the other children. The basic situation is that it has been raining on Venus for seven years. The children, who are nine years old, do not remember ever seeing the sun. The sun is scheduled to come out, so the kids are very excited.

What did Margot think about her classmates at the beginning of the story?

What did Margot think about her classmates at the beginning of the story? She was sad they would not be friends with her. Why did the children lock Margot in the closet? They were being mean because she was different from them and acted strange.

Did Margot die in all summer in a day?

Answer and Explanation: In “All Summer in a Day,” there is no evidence that Margot has died. Margot does become still and silent in the closet, as Bradbury writes…

What happens after Margot is let out of the closet?

After she is let out of the closet in “All Summer in a Day,” Margot is likely to be extremely angry and seek punishment for those who caused her to miss out on seeing the sun. While we are not told what happened next, we can imagine how her anger and disappointment would have played out.

Why is Margot so unhappy on Venus?

Margot is unhappy on Venus because she came from Earth and misses the sun. The story takes place on Venus, a planet where it rains almost all of the time. … She doesn’t play their games, and they are jealous of her for having recently been to Earth and for having the chance to go back.

How did all summer in a day end?

The story “All Summer in a Day” does end on a kind of a cliffhanger. The children let Margot out, and we don’t know what will happen. One possible ending is that the children treat her better, now that they have realized what they did to her.

Why do the children reject Margot’s description of the sun?

The children reject Margot’s description of what the sun is like because she is different and that makes her wrong in their minds.

What did Margot want in all summer in a day?

Margot longs intensely for the sun, which she remembers vividly from her time on Earth. … Margot’s classmates treat her coldly or with jealousy, because they have hardly experienced the sun at all and will likely remain on Venus for the rest of their lives, while Margot may be lucky enough to return to Earth.

Why did Margot once refuses to shower in the school shower rooms?

The shower only serves to remind Margot of the endless rain, which she is thoroughly tired of. She wants to be dry, not wet, baking in the sun, not under the tyranny of a constant downpour, and so rebels against the shower.